Year 2019 ~ 诸事大吉~



We welcome Lion Dance on 11 February 2019 as it was the first day working day after 2019 Lunar New Year holiday break.

All employees are pleased and excited to see the lion movements which match the music played by drum and cymbal.

In Chinese traditional beliefs, the loud music, along with the firecrackers and lion movements, are used to scare away “evil spirits” so that good luck and fortune will follow.

~ 开工大吉 , 诸事大吉~

MKMA – Local and Foreigner Subcribe to Same Social Security Protection

Mkma-socsoDato’ Tang Chong Chin, The President of Malaysia Knitting Manufacturers Association (MKMA) said the new enforcement of SOCSO for foreigner worker effective Jan 1, 2019 will provide foreigner with double social security protection.

He urge government to cancel requirement for Employer to purchase Foreign Worker Compensation Scheme (FWCS) and Foreign Worker Hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance Scheme (SKIPPA) for foreign worker when renew permit.

Else it will create protection benefit discrimination between local and foreign worker.

Dato’ Tang Chong Chin plead Ministry of Human Resource (MOHR) review the foreigner socso scheme so that to secure employer/manufacturer’s sustainability, production capacity and competitiveness in Malaysia in order to avoid employer/manufacturer to incur unnecessary cost and further affect the benefit and will-being of local employee.

The full articles can be view here:
4.Nanyang – Latest

Let’s Rock Nite 2018

BACKDROPDSC_9585USG’s “Let’s Rock” Nite 2018 was held at Sungai Bakap Packing Loading Bay on 28 September 2018 at 6.30pm – 10pm. KFC & Vegetarian Food Packages were served to all employees prior to the event.

Some fortunate employees walked away with the Lucky Draws prizes. The event started by two lovely EMCEE ie Manjulah A/P Nagalingam and Roslinawati Binti Mehat.

Mr. WKOng had given a opening speech, then follows by the opening dance performed by mixture of different department employees.

After that, it continues with “Singing Competition”, “Fancy Dress Competition” and “Dancing Competition”. Nearly to the end, while awaiting the result announcement of Dancing competition, audience are invited to play stage games.

Everyone was enjoyed at that night and reluctant to see it ended.

The Followings are the winners of the competition:-

Singing Competition:-
Champion : JM Nishantha Jayalath Jayasinghe
1st Runner-up : Mohan Darji
2nd Runner-up : Bikash Chettri

Fancy Dress Competition:-
Champion : Lee Yam Chee/ Lim Soo Suan
1st Runner-up : Ong Siew Yu/ Law Pao Chim
2nd Runner-up : Ng Jen Nee/ Noorhafizah Bt Ismail

Dancing Competition:-
Champion : Chhatra Bahadur Darji (Arkas) & Group
1st Runner-up : Dan Isaac A/L Henry & Malani A/P Pushparaja
2nd Runner-up : Jamiudin Ali
4th prizes : Azira Bt Johari & Group
5th prizes : Bopage Lahiru Priyanga

Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI) Visit


A group member from Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI) had paid a visit to United Sweethearts Garment Sdn Bhd on 21 Sept, 2018 on 3.20pm after the event Taiwan-Malaysia Textile Industrial Collaboration Symposium at FMM Penang, Perai.

The visit bring an opportunities for future collaboration in sharing textile technology, talent exchange and partnership.

Malaysian Textile Manufacture Association (MTMA) and Taiwan Textile Industry Research Institute (TTRI) have joined together building a textile technology and talent exchange platform. To implement the cooperation between two organizations, they scheduled two technology and business matching events.

The first one, in the morning of September 19, 2018 (09:00~12:30) located at Malaysian Investment Development Authority MIDA Kuala Lumpur. The second one similar program scheduled in the Morning of September 21 (09:00~12:30) place at FMM Penang.

MKMA 43rd Anniversary & Building Fund Raising Grand Dinner


Malaysian Knitting Manufactures Association held its 43rd Anniversary and Building Fund Raising Grand Dinner at 8th Sept 2018 (Sat) @ 7.00pm at Grand Sea View Restaurant (Batu Pahat, Johor)

Mr. Tang Chong Chin said that MKMA was incorporated on 29 Aug 1975 with the objective to strengthen unity among Textile & Apparel Industry players & to protect the interest of the industry.

MKMA has about 130 Membership throughout the whole nation.

In conjunction with 43rd years of anniversary celebration, Mr. Tang present deep dive into past, present and future stage of the association.


Textile and Apparel industry constantly face with the current & contemporary local and global challenges.
1] Transition of Goods & Service Tax (GST) to Sales & Service Tax (SST-V2)
2] Minimum wage and manpower
3] Tremendous increment of Cost of Doing Business in Malaysia
4] Rapid and unprecedented business environment
5] Global trade protectionism versus liberalism
6] Environmental Protection and strict discipline is required

Future Prospect ahead of MKMA:
1] Intensive application of Industry 4.0 to sustain the Textile & Apparel Industries.
2] The combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Intelligence (HI) to amplify into Super Intelligence to bring the industries to the next milestone.
3] The revolution of technologies, internet & web has change the landscape of supplier to buyer, Business to Business, Business to consumer & logistic dimension.

Business Outlook of Textile and Apparel (T & A) for the last ten years

textile & apparelExport has been steadily growth by 27% from RM10.50 Billion to RM13.33 Billion for the period of 2008 till 2017. Year 2017 was the peak of the record.
textile & apparel -1
Import has been experienced rapid growth by three fold from RM5.40 Billion to RM16.22 Billion for period of 2008 till 2017. The peak is at 2016 @ RM16.4B.

Let us work together as a TEAM – Together Everybody Achieve More, and look forward for the greater success for the industries.

In year 2000, MKMA spent RM320,000 to purchase the present building situated at 12-1, Jalan Megat, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor and setup the national office. Unfortunately, the building is encountering land sinking and subsequent wall cracking problems due to nearby river bed drainage. In this regard, during AGM 2017 had resolved to dispose existing building and purchase a new building for office usage and a Building Management Committee was formed accordingly.

After serious consideration, the Executive Committee Meeting held on 14 April 2018 resolved to purchase a three storey building located at 13, Jalan Penjaja, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor at RM650,000. The building is conveniently situated at town area, well maintain and deem prospectus as similar buildings at a project opposite the building is selling at RM1.2 million.cof

As MKMA are unable to dispose the existing building yet, it was resolved to raise for building fund of RM650,000. With estimated lawyer’s fee, stamping duty and renovation cost to be at around RM200,000. Ultimately total cost at about RM850,000. Thus, MKMA urge members and business partners to generously contribute and donate to our building fund.

Mr. Tang expressed “A big thank you to our long established members, business partners & friends in supporting and sponsoring towards the grand dinner and building fund collection. Your contributions would definitely inspire and motivate the commitment of the EXCO towards serving the association and member”.

United Sweethearts Garment Sdn Bhd had contributed RM20,000.00 to MKMA building Fund.
MKMA collected RM180,000. mkma43-1
More detail on newspaper articles can be view here:
1.Nanyang – MTMA 43 Anniversary
2.Nanyang – Textile & Apparel Export Increase 27% in 10 years
3. Guangming – Export hit 13.3 Million
4.Sinchew – 13.3 Million Export

MTMA-MATAC Professional Diploma Graduation

a4c9720a-8960-4aed-b204-fd41f67be88aA Graduation Ceremony 2018 was held on Sep 1, 2018 at Dorsett Hotel Kuala Lumpur to delivery Graduation Certificate for MTMA-MATAC Professional Diploma and MTMA-MATAC Certifificate in Robot Operating & Programming (SCARA).

And for those that unable to attend the ceremony in Kuala Lumpur, the certificates was delivered on Sep 4, 2018 by Managing Director Tang Chong Chin.

Mr. Tang quoted that “The certificate that you receive will not lose if you are not with the company. It will be with you for the rest of the life.” Never neglect an opportunity for improvement.

Total 4 persons of United Sweethearts Garment Sdn Bhd are awarded with MTMA-MATAC Professional Diploma as below:
1. Yogeswari A/P Neasamani
2. Satiavani A/P Neasamani
3. Shalinee A/P Krishnaswamy
4. Manjulah A/P Nagalingam

And 2 persons are awarded with MTMA-MATAC Certificate in Robot Operating & Programming (SCARA) as below:
1. Lau Phaik Ean
2. Nur Khadijah Binti Ismail

At last, all the hard-work had been paid off for you. All the late night studies, lack of sleep and sacrifice of enjoyment have passed. The time of reward is here.

Congratulations to you all.

Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) Aug, 2018

DSC_9475On Aug 8, 2018, 7 employees receive Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) from Director, Miss Goh Suat Bee issued by Department of Skills Development (Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran).

This certificate is given to those qualify and has a lot of experiences in applying Industry Engineering in garment manufacturing and Sewing Machine Maintenance.

Congratulation to all the recipient and the name list are as below:

Name Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia Certificate
Ong Wee Kian Aplikasi Kejuruteraan Industri Pengeluaran Pakaian Level 3
Goh Soo Huat Penyelenggaraan Mesin Jahit Industri Level 2, Penyeliaan Penyelenggaraan Mesin Jahit Industri Level 3
Loganathan A/L Suburmaniam Penyelenggaraan Mesin Jahit Industri Level 2, Penyeliaan Penyelenggaraan Mesin Jahit Industri Level 3
Rosli Bin Md Yusup Penyelenggaraan Mesin Jahit Industri Level 2, Penyeliaan Penyelenggaraan Mesin Jahit Industri Level 3
Wan Mohd Hizam Bin Wan Ishak Penyelenggaraan Mesin Jahit Industri Level 2, Penyeliaan Penyelenggaraan Mesin Jahit Industri Level 3
Loi Chai Yun Penyelenggaraan Mesin Jahit Industri Level 2, Penyeliaan Penyelenggaraan Mesin Jahit Industri Level 3
Teoh Beng Chow Penyelenggaraan Mesin Jahit Industri Level 2

Industry 4.0 : The Journey Towards Automation

cctangAn article on “The Journey Towards Automation” is published on 9th July 2018 in section Industry 4.0 which share the view of CEOs on the journey of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) towards manufacturing automation process.

Mr. Tang Chong Chin, The President of Malaysia Knitting Manufacturers Association (MKMA) said it is a challenge of understanding how to get the automation process started and apply for incentives or grants thru Malaysian Investment Development Authority (Mida) and SIRIM. Thus the association co-organized seminars with Mida for MKMA members.

Says Tang, in the textile industry, the upstream players (such as yarn-spinning factories) can automate more than the downstream players (such as garment factories).

He added “The adoption of automation can result in savings in terms of hiring manpower and energy consumption. It can also decrease defect rates.”

He started the automation journey by identifying processes that could be automated. He had implemented Elastic Splice Machine, Pattern and digitizing software, Productivity and quality inspection software.” He had claimed an estimated RM3.5 million in the past three years.

He urged that “Companies should talk to the Malaysian Investment Development Authority before buying any equipment and ask questions if they are not sure.” The ultimate aim is to improve the automation level in your factory so you can be more competitive.

The full articles can be view here:The Journey Towards Automation

Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM), May 2018

DSC_9442On May 30, 2018, 17 employees receive Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) from Director, Goh Suat Bee.

All the certificate is given to those personnel which has achieved excellence performance on their scope of job such as Apparel Merchandising Operation, Apparel Merchandising Operation Supervision, Apparel Pattern Making, Apparel Pattern Design & Construction, Apparel Quality Control Inspection and Sewing Operation thru Recognition of Prior Achievement Method.

The Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM), Malaysian Skills Diploma (DKM) and Malaysian Skills Advanced Diploma (DLKM) are implemented based on the National Occupational Skills Standard (NOSS) which are established by the Department of Skills Development under the purview of the Ministry of Human Resources.

The SKM is a formal nationally recognized certificate issued by the Government to individuals who have shown capabilities that are required or practiced and been equipped with competencies to perform tasks and functions for gainful employment.

There are five (5) levels in the Malaysian Skills Certification System (MSCS) as follows:

Malaysian Skills Certificate (MSC) Level 1
Malaysian Skills Certificate (MSC) Level 2
Malaysian Skills Certificate (MSC) Level 3
Malaysian Skills Diploma (MSD) Level 4
Malaysian Skills Advanced Diploma (MSAD) Level 5

Congratulation to all the recipient and the name list are as below:

Name Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia Certificate
Chong Chui Loon Apparel Merchandising Operation Level 2, Apparel Merchandising Operation Supervision Level 3
Tan Hooi Sze Apparel Merchandising Operation Level 2, Apparel Merchandising Operation Supervision Level 3
Ang Yu Mei Apparel Merchandising Operation Level 2, Apparel Merchandising Operation Supervision Level 3
Anigala A/P Muniandy Apparel Merchandising Operation Level 2
Kalaiselvi A/P Renganathan Apparel Merchandising Operation Level 2
Yeoh Peai Chet Apparel Merchandising Operation Level 2
Manjulah A/P Nagalingam Apparel Merchandising Operation Level 2
Ong Siew Yu Level 2, Apparel Pattern Design & Construction Level 3
Rohayati Binti Jaafar Apparel Quality Control Inspection Level 2, Apparel Quality Control Inspection Level 3
Sebastia A/P Augustin Apparel Quality Control Inspection Level 2, Apparel Quality Control Inspection Level 3
Thirselvam A/L Maruthan Apparel Quality Control Inspection Level 2
Norimah Binti Saleh Apparel Quality Control Inspection Level 2
Kavithira A/P Sanjivi Apparel Quality Control Inspection Level 2
Lim Mooi Eng Sewing Operation Level 2
Nor Asmurni Binti Abdul Majid Sewing Operation Level 2
Jurina Binti Bidin Sewing Operation Level 2
Norfaiezah Binti Ahmad Sewing Operation Level 2

Contribution to Persatuan Seni Jahitan Kreatif Malaysia (PSJKM)

LogoPersatuan Seni Jahitan Kreatif Malaysia (PSJKM) is a nonprofit organization (NGO) established on 28 May 2007.

The NGO’s main objective is to provide a platform to share and exchange skills and expertise among members. As an NGO, PSJKM carries out a variety of social activities, especially in the field of art and sewing.

It aims to help Person with Disability (PWD) and single mothers from marginalized communities through a creative sewing learning course and opportunity to start own business through the sales of self-crafted handcrafts and products at a Handmade Market.

This will help to improve lives of PWDs and single mothers and encourage them to be active members of the society.

In supporting the organization, USG have generously contributed in kind for helping them to achieve their aims.


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