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Our Parent Company, MWE Holdings Sdn. Bhd. is a diversified group covering a wide spectrum of business as below:

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United Sweethearts Garment is an integrated company of MWE Holdings Sdn. Bhd. and a leading manufacturer of fashionable branded casual, sports & outerwear which caters exclusively for the international market. United Sweethearts Garment Malaysia has been established since 1984 while United Sweethearts Garment, Vietnam started operation in 2002.

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We aim to be the Strategic Business Partner (SBP) for all of our valued customers.


We aim to consistently add value to manufacturing through:
  • Innovations and Smart Business Partnership
  • Capacity Building
  • Quality & Delivery Performance
  • Seamless Supply Chain Management

Core Value

People are the only appreciating asset.

Quality Management System


  • To enhance customer satisfaction by providing consistent quality garment products and services
  • To achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in business operations
  • To maintain a good discipline and a loyal workforce

Quality Policy

We aim to maintain as a Quality Garment Manufacturer by:

  • To meet and satisfy applicable requirements and our customers’ requirements and expectations,
  • To improve our business operations’ effectiveness, and
  • To comply with and continual improvement of the quality management system.

We are committed to provide quality garment products and services to all our customers.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR isn`t a particular programme, it`s what we do every day, maximizing positive impact and minimizing negative impact.
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Environment Safety And Health

USG Recreation Club (URC)

Beyond just caring for our employees, our philanthropic work extends to various underprivileged and deserving part of the society. We have been strongly committed to support those in need, reaching out to school education, poor neighbourhoods, orphanages, old folk`s home and disabled. This incorporates activities initiated by our URC.